TimEvansTim Evans

Tim was an ordinary average kindergartner until he inadvertently ingested a radioactive crayon (hey, it was the 70’s, everyone was doing it!). The glowing wax seeped into his veins, causing the formerly pedestrian scribbler into a Hear Now Live! poster master extraordinaire.

The first hint of his powers came in the 5th grade, when he was called upon to design unique monsters for his dungeons and dragons loving classmate. His commissioner was so impressed by the detail in the musculature and drool that he kept Tim busy for an entire year creating sketches of creatures that would eventually be covered with cryptic  numbers scrawled in the corners by his benefactor. This also led to a popular service he provided until well into Junior High School, known simply as “BIC pen tattoos”.  One of his cohorts even used a pin to permanently emboss a design Tim had drawn on his arm, much to the chagrin of the customers mother. It is assumed that the “tattoo” still adorns the arm of Tim’s friend to this day (sorry Ken!).

It was some time in Junior High school that he decided to trade his violin (which he admits he was not very good at) for a guitar. Within a year he was playing at parties with his first band. The music was simple yet hooky, and for a while he dreamt of pursuing the instrument on a more professional basis. Alas, it was not to be.

Enrolling in a state college, Tim honed his artistic skills, focusing on design and illustration, yet kept the music close with a minor in studio production. He fought well and hard through those years, eventually falling just short of graduating after losing a final boss battle with the head of his major department (in the end he won the boss-fight, but the win was bitter sweet as by the time he prevailed, they told him he would have to pay for another year just to be under the yoke of his nemesis (believe it or not, her last name was Klingon…. I couldn’t make that up…for real..). So he set out to seek his fortune among the huddled masses.

Tim found himself apprentice to many masters through the ensuing years, having proficiency in some disciplines, but not much interest in any particular profession. His first job out of school was activating cell phones and pagers (go ’90s!), a very dull, mind-numbing labor, but it was at that job he would meet HNL founder Mark Kaye. At that time neither knew what the future had in store.

Tim worked at many companies from Boston to Framingham to Cambridge and back until a layoff from a good paying job at an internet company that had “bubble troubles” forced him to try his hand at freelancing. He had done some freelancing before, but never as his primary profession. He did very well initially, until some freshman business mistakes made him reconsider the security of salaried jobs. He went back to doing various jobs, expanding his skill set even more, until he decided to give a second life to his own former ambition. He did better this time out, establishing a design firm of his own, and serving local business owners for about 3 years before trading in his pen to follow a passion of his and his wife Dawn, animals. They started a mobile pet grooming business in 2008 and he has spent his time administering the day to day operations of the business ever since. This leaves him with enough time (usually!) to exercise his super-powers for the benefit of local bands. As of this writing, he has produced over 300 flyers for HNL alone, as well as CD covers, press kits, and other collateral material for bands, as well as the occasional commercial job. He plans to eventually expand his business, or win the lottery and retire, but will always produce art, hopefully ever improving and expanding on his musical and artistic abilities.

Tim’s website: http://quikdeth.deviantart.com